Where to get the best Seafood meals just outside of Kingston....

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I have very fond memories of going to Hellshire...perhaps I will post a few pictures to hint at some of the sweet pleasures enjoyed there in my past life. However the beach coast at Hellshire in St. Catherine has been almost completely eroded due to damage to the reefs, (just reporting I am not the expert on that). Some will argue that Prendi's on the Beach still offer great seafood...well I will not comment, until I have done a systematic assessment on this blog site. Suffice to say that in my opinion , I find their pricing mechanism to be a bit over-the-top, but so is the pricing for meals on the whole entire beach stretch compared to Port Henderson (Back Road), where seafood and other forms of 'delicacies' are offered for sale. Not my thing though (on the other delicacies) offered in that market place. I mean you can see an occasional surprise now and again, but I happen to shop from supplier in a more tight value chain exchange-relationship. No further comments on that! Simply put I rate Back Road offering of Seafood meals over Hellshire. Better facilities, better service (in some cases at least), better presentation, and TRUST ME on this; better price!!!

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