Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I have one word ...Exceptional. Two words...Excitingly Delicious. It was in the hot summer of Jamaica's tropical paradise (wow - I am writing about this like I am a tourist to the island), when this is where I have lived all my life, and only travelled to a few places outside of Jamaica, to include Miami Florida, Curacao, a little town called Enschede, in the Netherlands, Paris, London, and Manchester. Yet I am convinced by the limited experience that Jamaica is one of the nicest places on earth, and no where feels free like this island in the heart of the Caribbean Sea.

Now the one and two words was an attempt to describe the taste and great appearance of the meal. The ambience and service? Ambience at Tea Tree was trendy, relaxing, inviting. And the Service? Well let's say it was 'clean' and friendly. No fluff, simply effortless and unassuming. The waiter, a young man probably late teens/early twenties was warm, real and natural...Oh my, I forgot his name but I did make an attempt to reflect my appreciation in his tip (which was allowed at this venue).

Tea Tree Creperie is located at a fairly central place in Kingston/St. Andrew Jamaica, 80 Lady Musgrave Road is an easily accessible locale from the Sovereign Centre to the North, Half Way Tree to the Westerly direction, and the Norman Manley International from a South Easterly direction...(lets hope I got my bearings correct as a former Scout).

The overall score: a figure like 10/10 was about to land naturally from my fingers for a winning combination of wonderfully blended youthful, relaxed and accommodating atmosphere with tasteful meals. The trendy setting was nicely toned with graffiti and signatures, that gave an alluring and lingering sense of presence to the creative decor. However, I remembered feeling a bit too warm, when perched above our heads were two (2) large air conditioning units, I would assume for the comforts of patrons. By my unsystematic count, there were less than fifteen persons in the house at the time. So that only one little tiny point will be deducted, 9/10 is still a winner - Go Tea Tree




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