How It Got Started

The Roots

It had a simple genesis. My professional life is in Engineering. My mother (more like my aunt who mothered me) taught me how to wash, cook and clean - she fully domesticated me. So I guess I am an Engineer trained in the quality of finer things. It does not mean I am overly sophisticated. All it means is that in addition to my hardcore Science based training, I have been exposed to Customer Service, some social etiquette and the appreciation of quality - Despite my social background demanding vigour in the rough market place of selling seasoning, ackee and vegetables in Spanish Town Market, I know when a customer is being treated with respect...and I know good food. That is enough for me...My Masters in Business Admin, and Post Grad Training In Education, & Project management? Nice additives...I guess. So come along with me for my features of Exotic Dinning, and Great Restaurants in Jamaica



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